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Not the chafe. The dreaded chafe. Once it begins, there’s no stopping the creep along your bum cheeks, every slight movement adding to the sting.

Banish bum cheek blues with the Cambium C17. Based on the underlying structure of the classic Brooks B17 leather saddle, the Cambium C17 uses a vulcanised rubber base and organic cotton canvas upper for the top. Unlike leather, the top material is waterproof, completely maintenance-free, and eliminates the wearing-in process of a leather saddle.

The saddle top is hung over the nose piece, rails and rear metal cantle like a hammock. This design, when combined with the saddle’s supple materials, allows the saddle to move with the rider, reducing chafing whilst still providing support. The C17 Cambium is narrower and a little racier in design than the B17.


Key Features

  • Hammock-like structure and vulcanised rubber top moves with the rider to reduce friction and chafing
  • Vulcanised rubber and cotton canvas top are waterproof and maintenance-free
  • Natural bounce of the saddle material provides cushioning over bumps
  • Made in Italy
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats

Vital Stats

Length: 283mm Width: 162mm Height: 52mm Weight: 410g


Vulcanised natural rubber and organic cotton top Steel rails

Origin: Italy