Bike Tools and Pumps

Bike Tools and Pumps

Trailside repair tool kits that are light, easy to carry and will get you out of fix on the trail... Read more

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Sonder Trailside 16

Lightweight 16 in 1 multi-tool for your emergency trailside repairs
Bundle price $27.49

Sonder Persuaders

Pack of 3 tyre levers
Bundle price $6.99


Fold-out saddle tool roll: storage for the "every ride" essentials
Was $34.99

Love Mud Detonator

160 psi bike track pump with Presta and Schrader valve head
Bundle price $19.99

Stans No Tubes Injector

Syringe sealant injector for tubeless tyres
Bundle price $19.99

Stans No Tubes Core Remover

Core remover for both Schrader and Presta valves
Bundle price $14.99

Sonder Bora

Gorgeous compact trail pump with pressure gauge
Bundle price $34.99
  • Cyan
  • Orange
  • Black

Hiplok Z-Lok Armoured Reuseable Tie

Lightweight reusable cable tie-style lock with a steel core
Was $17.49

Hiplok FX Wearable Retractable Combination Lock

Compact and wearable combination bike lock
Bundle price $27.49

Hiplok Spin Wearable Chain

Combination bike chain lock, can be worn around your waist
Bundle price $49.99

Hiplok D Lock

Easy to carry compact D lock, 13mm steel, weighing 1kg
Bundle price $64.99

Hiplok DC Lock & Cable

Compact high security D lock with steel cable, weighs 1.09kg
Bundle price $79.99

Sonder Tool Bottle

500ml bike tool holder that slots into your bottle cage
Was $12.49

Sonder Bora+

Aluminium bike hand pump with pressure gauge
Bundle price $39.99