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Sonder Contact

Clipless road cycling pedals for SPD-SL cleats
Was $69.99

Sonder Reko

Double-sided clipless SPD pedals for XC MTB and gravel riding
Bundle price From $79.99

Sonder Slingshot

Comfortable wide platform pedals with double-sided SPD clips
Bundle price From $94.99

Sonder Distortion

Premium CNC-machined performance flat pedal with steel grip pins
Bundle price $79.99

Sonder Torque

Bundle price From $49.99

From our affordable thermoplastic Torque flats - a great entry level pedal to introduce you to flats - to our premium Slingshot double sided SPD clips, we're proud of the form and function of our pedals and the confidence they bring to riding, whether it's on mountains, gravel or road.