Feed Zone Cookbook
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Your body needs nutrients to take you places and do cool stuff, but it can be so tricky to work out what meals will give you these nutrients. As a result, us adventure sporty types can end up being a lot less adventurous with our food that we should be.

As much as porridge is absolutely lovely, having it for breakfast 365 mornings a year can get a little boring, but who can be bothered with those 100-ingredient recipes that take two days to cook? The Feed Zone offers the perfect balance of variety and simplicity in one balanced and healthy package: a no-fuss cookbook of recipes that measure up to the demands of training and racing, with a mix of sweet, salty, and savoury that is sure to meet an athlete's cravings, and portable meals to meet the demands of daily life.

With hints and tips to reduce costs, add a little extra, and cater to dietary requirements; as well as a comprehensive guide to meal planning and athlete nutrition; this book is slowly making its way around Alpkit HQ, and making us all better cooks in the process!