Grand Adventures

Following on from his popular Microadventures, in Grand Adventures Alastair Humphreys shines a spotlight on the real-life things that get in the way; like time, money or your other commitments. Grand Adventures is also crammed with hard-won wisdom from people who have actually been there and done that: by boat and boot, car and kayak, bicycle and motorbike. People who had one epic trip then returned to normal life, or who got bitten so badly by the bug that they devoted their life to the pursuit of adventure. Young people, old people. Men, women. Mates, couples, families. Extraordinary, inspiring people. People like you.

Please be well aware, however, that this book is severely contagious! As you leaf through its pages of beautiful photographs and incredible stories, you can feel yourself subconsciously booking time off work and smashing open the piggy bank.

This is also a book for those that have read Microadventures, and want to take their new found (or newly discovered) sense of adventure to new and distant lands.

Read this book, tell the kids you'll be back in a week (or a month, or a year) and get going. What are you waiting for?