Green Oil Agent Apple Degreaser - 300ml
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Agent Apple is fully biodegradable degreaser using citrus extracts and natural alcohol. It’s so powerful it can be poured straight back into the bottle and used three times.

Green Oil wanted to make a citrus-based degreaser without petrochemicals, using sustainable ingredients. Agent Apple uses fermented apple extracts, orange peel extracts and plant-based alcohol made from EU grown sugar.

It’s a powerful formula that easily breaks down the mixture of dirt and lube that builds up on your chain and cassette. Over time this paste can cause significant wear to your drivetrain and mechanical issues down the line. All you have to do is leave your cassette and drive train to soak in the formula and give it a quick scrub with a toothbrush.

Note: Agent Apple may discolour non-metallic items and damage carbon fibre. Eco-friendly denatonium benzoates are added make it un-drinkable.


Key Features

  • Powerful formula breaks down grime on your chain and cassette, reducing wear
  • Biodegradable plant-based formula using citrus extracts and natural alcohol
  • So strong it can be poured back into the bottle and used 3 times
  • Completely petrochemical free
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Fermented Apple Extracts
Orange Peel extract
Plant-based alcohol
Denatonium Benzoates


Recyclable Aluminium Bottle

Origin: UK

Sustainability & Care


Agent Apple is a plant-based formula that’s reusable and biodegradable. The presence of d-limonene and alcohol means it is potentially harmful to the environment, but only if poured directly into a river or other bodies of water. These ingredients otherwise evaporate, disperse and biodegrade.

Green Oil add denatonium benzoates - chemicals used by other eco-friendly companies - to make Agent Apple undrinkable. These chemicals are environmentally inert and food safe, though not technically biodegradable.