Green Oil White Super Dry Chain Wax - 100ml
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Chain Oil’s Dry Chain Wax uses natural waxes and a plant based solvent made from sugar to produce a wax coating that lubricates well for dry and dusty riding. This natural formula is completely biodegradable and eradicates the use of toxic petrochemicals and PTFE.

Bike chains have the potential to be over 99% efficient at transferring pedal power to your wheels but only so long as your chain stays friction-free. The Dry Chain Wax lubricates for around 80 miles of riding.

Dry lubes tend not to last as long as wet lubes and offer less protection in the wet. However, they’re great for dusty riding as they attract less dirt, retaining chain efficiency and reducing wear.

Dry Chain Wax comes in a bottle that’s 100% recycled.


Key Features

  • Biodegradable natural wax formula is petrochemical and PTFE free
  • Semi-dry wax coating lubricates without attracting dirt, reducing wear
  • Designed for dry and dusty conditions
  • Lubricates over for 80 miles
  • Reduces trouser leg stains and road stamps!
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Natural waxes including beeswax
Plant-based solvent (bioethanol) derived from sugar


100% recycled bottle

Origin: UK

Sustainability & Care


Green Oil’s Dry Chain Wax is fully biodegradable using natural waxes, including beeswax, and a plant-based solvent derived from sugar. Most dry lubes use toxic petrochemicals, paraffin waxes or PTFE, a carcinogenic chemical that has been found to build up in the environment.

The Dry Chain Wax bottle is 100% recycled. Both bottle and label are HDPE (Plastic Type 2) and are widely recyclable; the cap is Polypropylene (Plastic Type 5), which can only be recycled in select areas.