There’s a lot to be seen on the periphery; goggle-ogle your way across mountain-encircled tarns, down willow-fringed riverbanks, and through foam-flecked Atlantic swell...

The Kidson goggles have been designed with a curved lens so you can take in your surroundings and avoid swimming headfirst into obstacles when you’re out in open water.

They’re also tinted to protect your eyes from damaging UV rays, and come with an anti-fog coating so you don’t steam up mid-swim.

A soft silicon gasket forms a tight but comfortable seal around your eye sockets and easy-adjust sliders can be tightened or loosened on the move.


Key Features

  • Curved lenses increase your peripheral vision
  • Antifog coating stops goggles from steaming up
  • Tinted lens protect from UV rays and reduce glare
  • Solid gasket design sits comfortably over eye sockets
  • Easy to adjust head strap, even while swimming
  • Keeps your eyes dry (but not too dry... you know, comfortably dry)
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Lens: Polycarbonate Strap: Silicone


41 g

Sustainability & Care

Product Care Information

Try to avoid touching the inside of the lenses to preserve the antifog coating for as long as possible. No one likes a foggy goggle.


Kisdon Goggle in action