Sonder Camino Al Mech Hanger [V3]

Replacement mech hanger


Replacement/spare mech hanger for the Sonder Camino Al V3

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Sonder Camino Al Mech Hanger [V3] Replacement mech hanger


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Argh no! You've only gone and broken your mech hanger!

Utter nightmare - hopefully you didn't have too long a walk back to civilisation.

Here's another one to get you up and rolling again. You could even pack a spare to prevent another ride-ending mechanical.


Key Features

  • You hang your rear mech off it...
  • Sometimes it breaks off...
  • To protect your fancy rear mech...
  • And then you buy a new one...
  • Nice one, mech hanger.
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Origin: China