The Zone is designed for maximum pedalling efficiency and comfort on longer rides, whether on road or off it.

  • Chromoly rails with suspension system
  • Cut-out shape relieves pressure
  • High density foam seat for comfort

We’ve selected a flat saddle profile that’s long enough to allow for lots of micro-adjustments to your riding position over the course of a full day on the bike. The nose width allows you to move forward over the pedals on climbs and sprints, and a tapered back enables you to get behind the saddle easily for switchback descents or technical off-road sections.

We’ve chosen a nylon fibre saddle base to provide a stiff and stable pedalling platform for a low overall weight. This base is connected to the chromoly rails using a patented suspension system that reduces road buzz and improves comfort without compromising on support.

High density foam stays comfortable for longer, adding to the saddle’s supportive platform. And a long central cut-out in the middle of the Zone relieves pressure on the perineum, allowing you to ride for longer.


Key Features

  • Long cut out central section relieves perineum pressure for comfort
  • High density foam seat for comfort and support on longer rides
  • Flat profile with the optimum length and width to adjust your riding position mid-ride
  • Rail connection system provide some flexibility without compromising pedalling efficiency
  • Nylon fibre base provides an optimum stiffness to weight ratio and a stable platform
  • Tapered back to allow you to easily drop back off the saddle on descents/rough tracks
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


133: 279 x 133 mm
156: 270 x 152 mm


133: 238g
156: 327g


Base: Nylon Fiber Injection
Fill: High Density
Rail: Chromoly

Origin: China