How do you pick your ticks? You must have a pick ticking preference! Hang on... no, that's not right. A tick picking preference. That's the one.

The Tick Remover is a lightweight tick pen the size of one of those pencils from that famous flat-pack furniture shop - you know the one.

Spring-loaded tweezers pop out and pick the tick right at your skin's surface, avoiding any nasty tick bits staying in your skin. Don't forget to wipe your skin surface with an alcohol wipe after.

With Lyme Disease on the rise, a tick remover is an essential bit of kit for your rucksack. Small and light, the Tick Remover fits neatly into first aid kits and a pen clip means you can store it in trouser and shirt pockets.


Key Features

  • Spring loaded tweezers for precision picking
  • Picks ticks at the skin surface
  • Pen clip for easy carrying
  • Can be used by your local family of Borrowers as litter pickers
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats




93mm x 15mm

Origin: China