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  • COAKTICLIP-01-ticlippers
    • COAKTICLIP-01-ticlippers


    Titanium accessory carabiners


    Pair of lightweight titanium accessory carabiners, the pimpest way to rig up your accessories

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      Titanium accessory carabiners for the most weight-conscious campers.

      They're designed with keeping your backpack or bikepacking neat in mind so can clip similar gear such as keys, cutlery, utensils and tools together.

      TiClippers have a bent wire gate to create a wide opening so you can clip them into more things.

      Note: These are not, NOT, NOT suitable for climbing.


      Key Features

      Vital stats


      Weight: 8g each
      Length: 60 mm
      Width: 35 mm

      Origin: China