Training For The Uphill Athlete
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Encouraged by the success of Training for the New Alpinism and its unexpected popularity amongst mountain runners and ski mountaineers (including Kilian Jornet), Steve House and Scott Johnston return with a new training manual targeted specifically at those sports.

Collaborating with Kilian Jornet, and the culmination of countless conversations with professional athletes Luke Nelson and Mike Foote and the users of their website (, Training for the Uphill Athlete draws on a wealth of expert knowledge and tried and tested experience.

By bringing together endurance sports training theory and methodology, the book provides all the tools necessary for you to be your own coach and develop your own individual training plans, specific to your goals.

Steve House is mountain guide and world-class climber, guiding trips across the globe and with a host of first ascents and new routes to his name.

Scott Johnston is a former World Cup cross country skier who now coaches various athletes and top US cross country skiers. He was previously Steve Hansen’s coach, revolutionising his training and performance.

Kilian Jornet is a professional sky runner, trail runner, ski mountaineer and ultrarunner. He is a six-time champion of the long-distance Skyrunner World Series and has also won the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, Western States and Hard Rock 100 ultramarathons.

"Training for the Uphill Athlete offers ironclad, deliberate, science-based methodology that any athlete can hang their hat on. For the serious mountain runner or ski mountaineer, this book is a must." - Nikki LaRochelle, member of the US Ski Mountaineering Team