Inside Alpkit: The Faces Behind our UK Made Products

Inside Alpkit: The Faces Behind our UK Made Products

By Talyn Williams

Inside Alpkit: The Faces Behind our UK Made Products

Hiking, bikepacking, bouldering... Whatever your outdoor addiction is, we generally make kit for it and have been doing so for over 15 years.

We're incredibly proud of the products we make right here in the UK. We scrutinise over design detail, prototype, test and create products to the highest standards.

Behind our Nottingham doors are a group of incredibly skilled, highly passionate individuals that make our dreams come true. Who make those products that enable us to Go Nice Places, Do Good Things... Our very own adventure enablers.

So here's our UK factory team, without whom, all we'd have are a few scribbles of backpacks on scraps of paper...

Bike luggage being made in Britain

Who? Hi, I'm Alexandra!

What do you do? I joined the Alpkit factory as a machinist during the 1st lockdown in 2020 after all my work as a freelance costume designer disappeared!

I am super proud as my family and I have been long time fans of Alpkit, I love the ethos and the products.

What are your favourite Alpkit products? It is a rare sighting to be without my trusty filo (old style Fantom) it is about 13 years old and still going strong! That and my AlpineDream sleeping bag are a staple at any 2CV camps.

Each piece of bikepacking comes with its challenges but I especially like the Goucho, it's cute and practical and made from many components, so satisfying when complete.

Sewing machinist making bike luggage

Who? Hi my name is Susan.

What do you do? I started working for Alpkit, as an Industrial Sewing Machinist about 6 yrs ago. Before this I was studying AAT as a change of career and also recovering from an injury which cut short my course.

I help with the production of bouldering pads and bike luggage. I like it here, there is a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with a great bunch of people (almost family).

What are your favourite Alpkit products? My favorite products to make are:- the Idaho and the Tyrol

Machinists making bike luggage in Britain

Who? I'm Debbie, I work part time at Alpkit and I do wedding dress alterations and make curtains, cushions, and anything else at other times.

What do you do? I'm a Factory machinist, it’s a great place to be with the best team to work with.

What are your favourite Alpkit products? I don’t like to be cold so I have a Filoment vest, Filoment hoody and a Fantom down jacket. They are all great, I don’t wear them all at once!

I like making Big Papa’s, they are something to get your teeth into. I love sewing that very satisfying curve on a Stem cell.

Product development in British outdoor kit factory

Who? I'm Gemma, I am a sewing machinist and product developer for our UK factory.

What do you do? If I'm not on production, making our UK made products, I'll be working on development. This could be finding ways to improve our existing products or designing new ones.

What are your favourite Alpkit products? The Alleycat is my favourite product because it has so many useful features packed into one product - I'm also slightly biased as it was the first product I developed here at Alpkit.

Sewing bike luggage in Britain

Who? Hi I'm Julie.

What do you do? Four years ago I came to work at Alpkit, previously working with a telecom company making networking cables,I’ve never looked back. I love my job here and the people I work with, they are inspiring (and all the biscuits and cakes!).

What are your favourite Alpkit products? My Katabatic and Argonaut jackets as they keep me warm and dry while walking to work when it’s raining. I love the UK made Possum and Koala as they have both curves and straight seams.

Inside a UK made bike luggage factory

Who? Hi I'm Lily.

What do you do? have worked at Alpkit for 4 years in the UK factory. I am the factory supervisor, so I make sure the production runs smoothly and I also make a lot of the custom orders.

What are your favourite Alpkit products? The Toploader as I helped design it!

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