OM Gravitas Review

Outdoors Magic reviews our lightweight Gravitas waterproof coat

By David Hanney

Alpkit's ultra-lightweight waterproof jacket isn't just competitively priced, it's an excellent bit of minimalist kit full stop

Outdoors Magic champions this piece of outdoor apparel in the lightweight category saying that the jacket, barely tipping the scales at 169 grams, impressively couples breathability and weather protection, despite its minimalist approach.

Alpkit's ultra-lightweight waterproof jacket isn't just competitively priced, it's an excellent bit of minimalist kit full stop.

Outdoors Magic

The review highlights the 3-layer fabric incorporating a PU membrane that the jacket is crafted from. A remarkable characteristic that Outdoors Magic doesn't shy away from pointing out is the jacket's capacity to compete with pricier counterparts in terms of waterproofness and breathability.

The Gravitas Jacket's minimalist design, indicated by the presence of a single chest pocket, is cited in the review as a strategy to save weight. This pared-down feature set, combined with sturdy bonded cuffs and hem construction - typically reserved for high-end models - exemplify its durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Outdoors Magic's appreciation for the jacket's hood design is particularly noteworthy. It's adjustable with a single rear pull-cord for a secure fit, and its semi-elasticated opening eliminates the need to unzip the jacket for adjustments - a seemingly small but significant design win.

In terms of the jacket's sustained performance, Outdoors Magic shares that the Gravitas excels in its ability to provide weather protection while maintaining a feather-like weight, making it easily packable. However, the review also points out a potential downside - the thin face fabric tends to lose its water-repellent quality over time, suggesting that owners may need to perform regular maintenance to uphold the jacket's performance.

In essence, the review from Outdoors Magic conveys that the Gravitas Jacket from Alpkit challenges the stereotype that quality outdoor gear necessitates a hefty price tag. This piece of gear not only offers robust weather protection at an impressive weight but also presents it at a fantastic price, thanks to Alpkit's direct sales model. All in all, the Gravitas is showcased as a shining example of affordable, no-nonsense outdoor gear.

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