Cycling Lights

Cycling Lights

Rugged, durable, high powered mountain bike lights to helmet or handlebar mounted cycle lights. Bright Tau and Blip rechargeable trail lights. Embrace the darkness. Be Safe Be Seen... Read more

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Exposure Trace Pack

Rechargeable 125/75 lumen front/rear bike light set, 35g each, 3-24 hours runtime
Bundle price $109.99

Exposure TraceR

Rechargeable 75 lumen rear bike light, 35g, 3-24 hours runtime
Bundle price $54.99

Exposure Toro MK12

Rechargeable 3200 lumen front light, for off-road riding
Bundle price $369.99

Exposure Strada MK10 Road Sport

Rechargeable 1200 front light, 183g, 2 - 36 hours runtime, for road cycling
Bundle price $309.99

Exposure Sirius MK9

Rechargeable 850 lumen front light, 84g and 1.5 -36 hours runtime
Bundle price $119.99

DC Extension Cable

Extension cable for your bike lights and electronics
Was $12.49

Love Mud Juice

Super smooth 6V/3W dynamo disc hub for running your lights and recharging your batteries on the move
Bundle price $99.99


Bright and lightweight rechargeable bike safety lights
Bundle price From $19.99


Be safe, be seen with Blip
Bundle price $8.99
  • Tarmac
  • Chilli

Exposure Joystick MK15

Powerful and rechargeable 1100 lumen helmet light weighing 93g
Bundle price $199.99

Phase / 800

800 lumen rechargeable bike light for off-road riding
Bundle price $49.99

Phase / 400

400 lumen rechargeable bike light for riding at dusk
Bundle price $29.99


Compact 1000 lumen rechargeable handlebar light or MTB helmet light
Bundle price $59.99

Cockpit Mount

Front facing aluminium mount fitting a Garmin® and Alpkit bike lights
Bundle price $29.99

Helmet Mount

Velcro mount for attaching Alpkit lights to your helmet
Bundle price $9.99


1,800 lumen rechargeable MTB light for riding rough trails at speed
Bundle price $129.99