Handlebars and Stems

Handlebars and Stems

When we build bikes we make sure every bike leaves our build team as we would want to ride it. We scrutinise over every millimetre of our handlebars and stems to get fine tuned control and comfort in every riding position.

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The cargo loop and ergonomic drop makes for a comfortable fast adventure
Aluminium road bike drop bar with a slight flare
Ergonomic drops and a wide flare for adventure in extra comfort
Flared aluminium drop bars for adventure riding on and off road
Aluminium road bike drop bar
A bar that gives you more control than a traditional swept back bar on technical terrain.
Cargo loop bar 15 deg sweep 760 mm flat 6061 aluminium
740 mm flat 6061 aluminium handlebars weighing 265 g
XC/Trail Carbon flat handlebar 780mm for ultimate control
780 mm 6061 aluminium riser handlebars weighing 305 g
Trail Carbon riser handlebar 780mm for comfort and stability.
15 deg sweep 760 mm flat 6061 aluminium handlebars

Handlebars and Stems

Too many bike brands cut corners by mixing and mashing groupsets and use inferior finishing kit to save a few cents falsely believing the economies are worth it. That's why Sonder designer Neil Sutton has developed our Handlebars and Stems.

We've paid attention to the details and every component is to our obsessive standards. Even down to thin grips to get good feedback and less arm pump making longer rides more enjoyable.

Bars and stems are not just for looks. Subtle changes in the riding position can make a difference in riding comfort, performance and capability. Try out different bar widths and stem lengths to get the fit right for you and the control you need.