It's a heartfelt privilege and joy to work with our select gang of Alpkit ambassadors. As well as being friends, they help us with product design by pushing our kit to its limit. And they inspire us all with their daring deeds, trail tales and fresh experience of living life outdoors. So here's to our Alpkiteers and long may we all Go Nice Places Do Good Things.

Adventurer, Author, Blogger

Alastair Humphreys

Artist and Marine Conservationist

Katie Tunn


Pete Whittaker


Anna Wells


Ian Palmer


Johnny Parsons


Ramon Marin

Long Distance Runner

Nicky Spinks

Boulderer and Alpkiteer

Billy Rydal

Boulderer and Alpkiteer

Gracie Martin

Sonder Rider and Alpkiteer

Mel Nicholls

Olympian, Sonder Rider and Alpkiteer

Steve Bate

Sonder Rider and Alpkiteer

Stu Taylor

Sonder Riders and Alpkiteers

Rich And Tom Seipp

Sonder Rider and Alpkiteer

Neil Cottam


Zofia Reych

Climbers and Alpkiteers

Daniela & Paulo Teixeira

Photographer and Alpkiteer

Dan Milner