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  • alpkit apparel care kit
  • Alpkit Apparel Care Kit
    • alpkit apparel care kit
    • Alpkit Apparel Care Kit

    Alpkit Apparel Care Kit

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    Specially formulated 2in1 cleaner and proofer for technical outer wear and equipment

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      Our wash and reproofing kit makes it both easy and convenient to keep your outdoor clothing working at its best.

      You should not be washing your outdoor clothing with your standard supermarket laundry detergent. These detergents can break down the coatings that keep your garment waterproof and breathable.

      With the Alpkit Wash and Apparel Proofer kit you can save time, energy and water by combining the wash and reproofer in the same wash.

      Within this kit, you get all you need to care for your outdoor clothing.

      Why we need to wash and reproof our outdoor garments

      The outdoor industry has rejected the harmful chemicals that used to be applied to outdoor clothing. Newer, more environmentally friendly coatings are not yet quite as durable as the old formulas so we all need to wash and reproof our garments more regularly. While this is especially important for waterproof clothing, all technical outdoor clothing will benefit from Alpkit Apparel Wash and Reproofer.

      Why washing is good for your outdoor clothing

      Waterproof garments have a waterproof and breathable membrane. If the microscopic pores get dirty and clogged up, breathability is reduced.

      They also have a special coating (known as DWR) that prevents the outer surface from absorbing water (wetting out). Preventing the fabric from wetting out is key to maximising breathability.

      The DWR performance can be reduced by dirt, sweat, grease, washing powder and general use. Therefore keeping the garment clean ensures that it performs as intended.

      Why reproofing is good for your outdoor clothing

      Reproofing revitalises the DWR coating close to its original performance. This prevents water from wetting out the fabric surface and increases breathability.

      The easiest time to do this is when you wash it.

      It is very easy to check if an item requires a little extra DWR. Spray water on the surface of the garment, and if this beads up the DWR is working geat. If it clings to the surface or dampens the surface (the colour darkens) then an additional wash cycle with proofer would be worthwhile.

      This kit contains

      225 ml Cleaner solution

      225 ml Proofer solution

      A single wash and proof cycle requires a mix of 75ml Cleaner + 75ml Proofer. This kit is enough for 3 washes.


      Key Features

      • Wash: 

        • Single and Three Wash size options 
        • PCF Free Eco formula Heat Curing 
        • Suitable for all outdoor wear textiles 
        • Abrasion resistant 


        • Single and Three Wash size options 
        • pH Neutral 
        • Suitable for all outdoor wear textiles 
        • Easy Rinse