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The MytiMug 600 is a lightweight titanium cooking mug, perfectly sized for solo backpacking and bikepacking. Titanium is lightweight like aluminium but strong like steel. It's also good conductor, making it ideal for camping cookware. The 600ml capacity allows you to boil enough water for most dehydrated food pouches. You can also fit a 100g gas canister and an ultralight Kraku camping stove inside for the ultimate lightweight cooking system – just 145g in total.


Product overview

  • Perfectly sized for solo backpacking and bikepacking
  • Lightweight and super strong titanium
  • Fits a 100g gas canister and a Kraku stove
  • Collapsible wire handles for easy packing
  • Lid vent and folding handle
  • Internal measuring lines
  • Compatible with the Chainset for cooking over a campfire
  • 3 year Alpine Bond

Technical details


Brushed titanium TA1


Capacity: 600ml
Size: 95mm x 88mm


Total: 100g
Lid: 20g
Mesh bag: 18 g

Made in China

Sustainability & Care

Environmental impact


Titanium is incredibly inert, making it fully recyclable and corrosion resistant. This helps to prevent soil and ocean pollution.


MytiMug 600 in action