Lightweight bivvying in the Scottish Highlands

Shooting Star bivvy

By AK Guest

A Treasured Outdoor Moment - Manouk Bakermans

I've been going out into the mountains from a young age, but have always been following someone else (my parents, a mountain guide, a friend, my boyfriend). More recently I've been going out on my own, to test my limits and see how I'd cope being the sole navigator and making all decisions on my own.

So it happened that, a few days after my Kloke Bivy Bag, PipeDream Sleeping Bag, and Alpkit 2/3 Sleeping Mat had arrived, along with some other goodies (honestly, it could be an Alpkit commercial, had prior to that been given a BrewKit for my birthday which came along too), I set off for a wee adventure near my hometown Kingussie in the the Scottish Highlands.

I took the train to Aviemore and set off on a gorgeous November day. Just above Loch Einich, after a long hike, I took out my Bivy and stayed the night. The sky was so clear and there was no light pollution. I lost count of how many shooting stars I'd seen. It was amazing. The next day started clear, but ended up cloudy and misty.

However, I had 3 munros (Sgur an Lochain Uaine, Cairn Toul and the Devil's Point) on my schedule, got on with it, and pushed my limits a bit by nailing navigating on my own, in the cloud, on a plateau. What a confidence boost, and what a weekend to remember.

Thank you for reading my story, have a lovely day,

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