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Your Treasured Moments 2022

By Alex Guerrero

'Twas the week of Betwixtmas, and in the office, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. So we asked you to share with us your Treasured Moments outdoors in 2022. Here are our favourites - and the competition winner!

The winning story

"My eldest son gifted me a wild camp with him deep in the Brecon Beacons. He brought me a teeny tent, super cosy sleeping bag, a flask of hot chocolate and a dehydrated hot meal so he ensured that I was fed well and toasty all night. He also gave me a tripod for me camera and taught me the settings I needed to be able to take this beautiful photo of us both. I had the best experience under the stars and felt very pretty pleased with myself for becoming a first time wild camper at almost sixty years old. It certainly is a Mother’s Day gift that I will never ever forget and even looking at this amazing photo brings me such joy and warmth."

Our runners up

Andy H's head clearer

An taken from my tent, watching the sunset over the Mamores whilst wrapped up in my Pipedream 400.

I was going through a really difficult time in my life and spent a weekend in the Mamores range to clear my head. Getting into the mountains has always allowed me to escape from the stresses and challenges of day to day life, and I'd encourage everyone to try it.

The plan was to top all 10 Munro's in the range; I managed 8 over the 2 days, so the last couple will need to wait for another time!

Georgina and son's first bivvy

My treasured moment of 2022 was my first hilltop bivvy with my 7 year old. He loved it so much we did another a couple of weeks later - and celebrated with a hot choc.

Nicola's Cumbria way moment

My Alpkit treasured moment was this calm, clear dawn in the Lake District this summer. There was a light mist rolling over the water, and I sat in my bivvy with a cuppa just taking it in. I was solo walking the Cumbria Way and doing it for ultralight with my Alpkit Hunka bivvy, and MytiPot 900.

Jamie-Leigh and son's first steps

This is my treasured moment, the first time I took my gorgeous boy up a mountain in Snowdonia. We had been on lots of walks around the different lakes and decided it was time: so we went up Y garn, had a picnic and walked off. He had only just started walking and it was absolutely beautiful watching him taking steps around one of my favourite places.

Quality time for Barry and his daughter

Walking back from Haystacks to Honister with my eldest daughter. Quality dad and daughter time, treasured dad moments.

Regaining adventure for Andrew

My treasured moment was during a weekend trip to Torridon with my local mountaineering club which my partner had encouraged me to join. Over the last three years I felt that I lost a sense of adventure and have been more anxious about going into the outdoors. My wonderful partner, Blanca, has been an amazing source of energy and inspiration to get back out there and challenge myself again. So this is a thank you to her.

This trip was accompanied by my Alpkit 0Hiro jacket which kept me warm in -13c!

Andy's cloud inversion

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