Kanyo the Recycled!

Kanyo the Recycled!

By Col Stocker

We wanted to make a really light, windproof, high-performance insulated jacket. One that's beautifully cut, packs down small and feels so good that you never want to take it off. Well, wouldn't you know we've gone and done all that and we've also made our most sustainable jacket yet. Kanyo is our new 100% recycled insulated jacket.

We get incredibly excited when we have a big ideas that we turn into products that blow us away. Not only in terms of their performance but how they are developed and made in way that stays true to our commitment to the sustainability principles we set out last year. The Kanyo was a huge idea.

With a big move to incorporate recycled content into new products, the Kanyo sets a new standard. All the fabric used on this jacket is made from a 100% recycled nylon. For the fill, we've chosen 100% recycled PrimaLoft® Silver insulation. Finally, the Kanyo has been treated with a PFC-free DWR. Et voila! Our most sustainable jacket yet!

The material selection on the Kanyo goes way further than being a great sustainable choice. Together the materials provide an impressive amount of warmth for weight and the lightweight nylon fabric is fully windproof. Pack-size is super-small - it packs down into its own chest pocket, making it ideal to stash away or clip to a harness for when you need it (we've found it also makes a brilliant pillow!).

Head designer Ronnie makes no compromises when it comes to fabric selection and the Kanyo sets the bar high for the levels of quality that can be achieved with modern recycled fabrics. But it’s not a straightforward process, taking lots of work from our crack team of product developers as Ronnie explains.

Not all recycled fabrics are created equal. Generally speaking recycled polyester is much easier to find than recycled nylon, but we put the effort in to find recycled nylon for the Kanyo due to its higher tear strength, meaning we could use a light weight fabric while also improving durability. A heavier weight recycled polyester could have been used, but we wanted to create a jacket that was both more packable and would last longer in use.”

Taking this route meant that the fabric selection process was more difficult, with fewer options that fitted our strict criteria. However we wanted to make sure we got the perfect fabric to fit the purpose of the jacket, with its performance, feel and look. Here's Ronnie again with the tech speak.

“We spent months consulting with various fabric mills and assessing different options, making sure we had the right combination of strength, weight, handfeel and optic. Using this lighter weight fabric also uses less raw materials, so we’ve hit the goal of reducing as well as recycling what would otherwise be wasted”

For the insulation we have gone for PrimaLoft® Silver - 100% PCR, made from post-consumer recycled content. Plastic water bottles are shredded and melted into chips before being transformed into fibres. It provides excellent warmth and comfort, but with the high technical performance needed from a synthetic insulation. Working with leading forces in eco-friendly material development means that we can continue to offer the exceptional performance needed from our products, PrimaLoft® are firmly at the forefront of this development.

We're super-excited with the end result and has already got the staff clamouring to get hold of one. With our heavy involvements in the Single Use Plastic Project and Microplastic Consortium, as well as joining the European Outdoor Group Climate Action Project, it's already panning out to be an exciting year.

Men's Kanyo | Women's Kanyo

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