Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes

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Long. Low. Slack. A hooligan of a hardtail with one default setting: rowdy. Planted and agile with 650b+ tyres for shredding singletrack and big mountain trails.

Signal Ti

Agressive 29” titanium hardtail designed to climb as well as it sends. Feed it fast-flowing singletrack and tasty big mountain trails and strap yourself in.


The Cortex doesn’t believe in the ‘n+1 rule.' Whatever the trail, it fancies it. Big time. A lively 120mm travel 29er, it'll climb for days and chomp through descents.


Multi-activity 29er for fast, flowy trails, hurtling over cross-country and loading up with bags for days of deep backcountry riding. No nonsense. No frills. No fuss.

Broken Road

Fully custom-built titanium hardtail for riding to the ends of the earth, off the map and back. Or, you know, just Scotland. Built for absolute multi-day comfort.


Playful, tough and dialled for full-pelt fun, the Evol pops off jumps and soaks up gnarl, whether ploughing down blacks or giving it the beans on tech-y climbs.