Outdoors Magic Balance Review

Waterproof jacket for women is a cracking all-rounder at a very competitive price

By David Hanney

Diving deep into OutdoorsMagic's glowing review, the Alpkit Women’s Balance Jacket emerges as a top-tier, lightweight wonder for the outdoors, offering unbeatable value

OutdoorsMagic are struck by Alpkit's latest Women’s waterproof Jacket. They seem enamored by its unmatched breathability, a thoughtful design specifically catering to women, and a price that offers substantial value.

Alpkit's lightweight hill and mountain walking jacket for women is a cracking all-rounder at a very competitive price.

The jacket's ‘Goldilocks’ fit, impressive waterproofing capabilities, and especially the much-lauded hood design also caught our attention. OutdoorsMagic's assertion that it’s perhaps the most well-thought-out lightweight jacket in its class certainly resonates with them.

OutdoorsMagic review the Balance women's waterproof jacket.

Men's Waterproof Jackets and Windproofs

Durable, lightweight and packable performance for all activities
$129.99 $159.99
Lightweight, waterproof half-zip with a active cut for fast and light movement
$99.99 $199.99
Fully recycled and recyclable 3-layer waterproof for all seasons
$159.99 $229.99
Ultralight and breathable waterproof 3-layer protection when moving fast and light
$209.99 $259.99
Hillwalking waterproof cut for maximum protection and coverage
$209.99 $259.99
The complete waterproof jacket for mountain activities
$259.99 $299.99
Waterproof mountaineering jacket for high altitudes and Scottish winters
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Warm and waterproof Primaloft® insulated jacket
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A natural fibre alternative to the modern mountain shell
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Lightweight, packable 2.5-layer waterproof trousers
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Lightweight waterproof trousers with a breathable 2.5 layer fabric
$129.99 $159.99
Warm and waterproof all-day walking trousers
$129.99 $169.99

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