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Definition is more than a match for any conditions in which a waterproof jacket is required

By David Hanney>

Dave Saunders' takes a deep-dive into the Alpkit Definition waterproof jacket and is impressed! Despite his initial skepticism due to being unfamiliar with the brand, the jacket won him over with its design efficiency and thoughtful features.

I would say that it does indeed feel like the result of 12 years of development. For the price it really seems a steal, and it also looks great! Is the Alpkit Definition the best mountain shell you've never heard of? At this budget, quite probably.

From its competitive weight and price to the snug fit even under intense climbing conditions, it seems Saunders believes Alpkit truly delivered on its promise. Particularly noteworthy is the jacket's ability to offer both breathability and waterproofness, matching even well-established brands in performance. Furthermore, its gusseted cuff, helmet-friendly hood, and the 'mystery' fabric used—all hint at the meticulous design thought process.

Dave’s personal testament? He was kept completely dry even during the torrential downpours of hurricane Barbara. Conclusively, Saunders posits an interesting question: Is the Alpkit Definition the best mountain shell you've never heard of? Given his review, it's a strong possibility!

Check out Daves review of the Definition waterproof jacket.

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