Ventile hillwalking jacket in Snowdonia

A sustainable outdoor jacket that is built to last

By Kenny Stocker

Discover the enduring quality of Ventile cotton jackets in Chris Townsend's long term test. Find out why the jacket's sustainable design with organic and recycled materials, is a top pick for outdoor enthusiasts.

In his article "Kit that won't quit 2023", Chris Townsend shares his experience of the Ranger Ventile Jacket. He emphasises the durability and weatherproof qualities of Ventile, a tightly woven cotton material known for its toughness.

The Ranger Ventile Jacket, with its exceptional hood and practical pockets, not only promises durability but also an eco-friendly choice with its organic and recycled materials. It's a testament to enduring quality and sustainable design.

Drawing on his personal experience, Chris compares the jacket to his own Ventile jacket from the 1980s, which has withstood extensive use over decades and remains in good condition. He praises the Ranger jacket's design, highlighting its well-constructed hood and practical pockets. Additionally, Chris appreciates the jacket's commitment to sustainability, noting its use of organic cotton and recycled components. His review underscores the jacket's blend of durability, functionality, and environmental consciousness.

You can read more of Chris's work in many, many back issues of The Great Outdoors (TGO), but if you are looking for this one dive straight into the February 2024 edition.

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