Balance waterproof jacket surprises Active Traveller

By Kenny Stocker>

Reflecting on Mike Walker's insights for Active Traveller, we're truly made up with his appreciation for the ingenious design work we have put in the Balance waterproof jacket. He seems charmed by its impeccable fit, suggesting unhindered movement and a touch of luxury despite its functional core.

Alpkit constantly surprise us with their ability to cut through the noise to produce gear that blends the primary concerns of the outdoor user into an end product, and the Balance jacket truly epitomises this approach.

He places emphasis on the waterproof zips, strategic pocket positioning, and the jacket's surprising breathability metrics. While Mike hints at some reservations with the hood, the overall durability and value proposition shine through in his review. He subtly challenges any preconceptions about Alpkit being a low-quality brand, and we concur—this jacket seems a game-changer, especially given its attractive price point.

Find out how our Balance waterproof jacket surprised Active Traveller with its blend of features.

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