How to Choose Between Alpkit Trousers

How to Choose Between Alpkit Trousers

By Alex Guerrero

Our shorts and trousers cater to hiking, climbing, and cycling. Divided into three categories, our gear blends performance, comfort, and durability.

Seriously tough legwear for serious fun. Our range of shorts and trousers covers walking, climbing, running and riding, for both men and women.

A Brief Overview

  1. Waterproof Trousers - Get ready for winter
  2. Walking Trousers and Shorts
  3. Mountaineering Softshell
  4. Organic Cotton climbing and hiking trousers
  5. Cycling Legwear
  6. Running Legwear

Waterproof Trousers - Get ready for winter

While it might seem like just another item to pack, carrying waterproof trousers in winter can greatly enhance your comfort, safety, and overall outdoor experience. They offer versatile protection from the elements, ensuring you're prepared for whatever winter throws your way.

New for 2023: Cloudburst lightweight waterproof over trousers

Lightweight and packable 2.5-layer waterproof trousers. Ideal for wet weather hikes or as a just-in-case layer on multi day hikes in changeable conditions. Made with 100% recycled nylon fabric with a PFC-free DWR. Cloudburst is available in mens and womens sizes.

Parallax lightweight waterproof over trousers

Our premium lightweight, breathable waterproof trousers made with a 2.5 layer construction. They’re comfortable, stretchy and active with an articulated fit. They’re quiet when you walk and they pack away in your rucksack – weighing about the same as your average sandwich. Parallax is available in mens and womens sizes.

New for 2023: Equinox insulated waterproof trousers

Waterproof walking trousers with a soft insulating drop liner. Wear for all-day winter hillwalking in changeable weather conditions. Complete with a PFC-free water repellent treatment and incredibly soft-to-the-touch. Equinox is available in mens and womens sizes.

Nautilus mountaineering waterproof trousers

The Nautilus are 3-layer waterproof overtrousers ready for the wettest of walks. They’re reinforced and tailored for serious mountain use. The Nautilus are made with an exceptionally tough 70D nylon 6,6 outer fabric that’s designed to keep going. And going. The Nautilus are constructed with a PFC-free DWR. Nautilus is available in mens and womens sizes.

Walking Trousers

For the UK's hills and summits, the Alpine glaciers and snowy peaks, our performance legwear withstand the rigours of an active outdoor life. No matter whether you're munro bagging, planning a multiday backpacking trip or regular walk around your local woods, we prove that performance outdoor clothing doesn't have to cost the earth. Ethical. Technical. Sustainable.

Product Name What are they good for? Material Fit Weight (men’s m / women’s 12)
Teleki Trousers Warm weather walking 96% Nylon, 4% Spandex, 75D, 135gsm Regular 250 / 220
Teleki Shorts Hot weather walking 96% Nylon, 4% Spandex, 75D, 135gsm Regular 170 / 140
Teleki Zip-Offs Warm, changeable weather walking 96% Nylon, 4% Spandex, 75D, 135gsm Regular 290 / 260
Arnison Year-round hiking 97% Nylon, 3% Spandex, 219gsm Regular 405 / 367
Skarven Hiking and scrambling off the beaten track 94% nylon, 6% spandex, 288gsm Relaxed 530 / 485
Hauler short Hidden tech for an active mountain lifestyle 94% polyester, 6% Spandex Regular 315
Wind River Hybrid swim-hike shorts for hot weather activities 100% polyester Regular 130 / 125

Faro Shorts

A range of active pursuits

88% nylon, 12% spandex double weave, 166gsm


230 / 221


skarven trousers

The Skarven are rugged outdoor trousers. They're tough for off-track, off-path scrambling, hiking and heather bashing. They're tough as nails - our hardest wearing trouser for outdoor use and abuse. The Skarven are made from a quick-drying canvas fabric that dries quicker than cotton equivalents - perfect for passing showers.


Arnison are tough. They’re hardwearing, highly wind-resistant hiking trousers for year-round hiking. They’re designed for full freedom of movement, with inbuilt stretch, a diamond-shape gusseted crotch and articulated knees for striding, scrambling and clambering. And they’re treated with a PFC-free DWR to withstand light showers.


Teleki is our range of lightweight legwear for walking. They pack down small for stuffing in rucksacks on multi-day hikes. They’re available as trousers and shorts. And if you can’t decide between the two, the zip-off trousers are the best of both worlds for indecisive hikers in in-between weather. The Teleki are designed for warm weather walking and backpacking. They’re lightweight, packable and tailored for freedom of movement.


Leggings? Trousers? Treggings? The Escapade are our women’s specific, slim fit softshell trousers. They feel like leggings but are as tough as trousers. More durable than leggings, more mobile than trousers. They’re the best of both worlds. You have the freedom of movement of leggings, with the weather resistance, durability and pockets(!) of trousers.

Hauler short

Hauler short

Technical cargo shorts with special superpowers. They're high-wicking, quick-drying, odour-resistant and temperature regulating. Like cotton, but better. Tough, technical, faster drying and better moisture management.


Stretchy, semi-slim softshell shorts (quite the tongue-twister!) designed for multi-activity use. The Faro shorts are just as suited to climbing as they are to biking and hiking. They have a high UPF fabric for warm days, while still being moisture wicking.

Wind River

Wind river

Hybrid swim-bike shorts designed for those hot hikes where you can't resist a dip. Lightweight, quick-drying. We're thinking deep water soloing, hot weather hiking, and working hard in the summer. They've got a drawcord to keep up while swimming. Amphibious and adventure-ready.

Softshell Trousers for mountaineering


Chillkoot trousers are our lightweight softshell walking trousers, suitable for year-round use. The lightweight Chillkoots are highly wind resistant and they have a PFC-free DWR. But the lightweight, double weave construction is moisture-wicking, preventing a serious case of overheating in the summer. Chilkoot is available in mens and womens sizes.

Ardent high performance mountaineering trousers

Our performance softshell trousers for winter walking, scrambling and mountaineering. Tough, stretchy and highly wind resistant with reinforced panels. The Ardent trousers come into their own for winter walking, climbing and alpinism, with considered features and a tough, warm and comfortable softshell fabric and are available in mens and womens sizes.

Natural Technology

Product Name

What are they good for?



Weight (men’s m, women’s 12)

Bloc trousers

Freedom of movement when climbing

98% Organic cotton, 2% spandex (200gsm)


352 / 329(10)

Bloc shorts

Freedom of movement when warm-weather climbing

98% Organic cotton, 2% spandex (200gsm)


197 / 179 (10)


Durability, comfort and mobility for outdoor living and climbing

97% organic cotton, 3% spandex, 260 gsm


560 / 470


Durability, comfort and mobility for warm outdoor living and climbing

97% organic cotton, 3% spandex, 260 gsm


/ 280

Sequence and Jeanius

Durable and stretchy jeans suitable for casualwear and climbing

57% Better Cotton Initiative-certified cotton, 12% Cordura® Nylon 6,6, 9% Thermolite® Core polyester, 9% Coolmax® All Season polyester, 12% T400 Polyester, 1% lycra

Sequence: Regular

Jeanius: Slim


690 / 615


667 / 553


The Bloc shorts and trousers are soft, stretchy and made from organic cotton. Forget-they’re-there freedom for climbing – or just working in the office, if you’re Alpkit Photographer Joe. The Bloc are tough. But they’re tailored for movement, with stretch, a gusseted crotch and a low-profile elastic waistband that fits neatly under harnesses.

Kraft and Werk

Kraft Trousers
Werk Shorts

Durable. Comfortable. Wear anywhere. Canvas climbing trousers and shorts with technical features for walking, climbing and outdoor living. Designed for outdoor living, the Kraft trousers and Werk shorts are made with a stretchy fabric that’s soft to wear but tough against boulder-induced abrasion.

Sequence and Jeanius

Sequence and Jeanius look like jeans. But unlike most jeans, they’re made with a Cordura blend fabric that’s tough, stretchy, moisture-wicking and temperature regulating. The Sequence are regular fit and the Jeanius are our slim fit option. From bouldering to beers, the Sequence go from casual to the climbing wall without a hitch. They’re secretly technical jeans that are more stretchy, tough, quick-drying and hard-wearing than high-street jeans.

Cycling Legwear

Product Name

What are they good for?



Weight (men’s m / women’s 12)

Floe Shorts

Summer mountain biking

88% nylon, 12% spandex, 166gsm


275 / 260

Floe Trousers

Wintry mountain biking

91% nylon, 9% spandex, double weave


348 / 294 (10)

Strada Shorts

Bikepacking and cycle touring

single weave 95% nylon, 5% spandex


200 / 180

Nimbus waterproof mountain biking shorts

Waterproof mountain biking shorts for inclement winter riding. Hardwearing 3-layer fabric and a reinforced seat for all-weather protection. Nimbus are waterproof and breathable over-the-knee bike shorts to keep you dry and altogether more comfortable.

Floe mountain biking trousers and shorts

floe short
floe trousers

Floe trousers and shorts are designed for mountain biking. They’re durable, comfortable and they both come with a PFC-free DWR coating to provide protection against light drizzle and splashy puddles. They’re super durable, moisture wicking and windproof. The shorts are seam-free in high wear areas for maximum comfort and there’s room for pads in both.

Strada quick drying shorts for gravel riding

Strada are bikepacking and touring cycling shorts, designed for extended adventures. They can be worn alone or over undershorts. The Strada are quick-drying, comfortable, light and breathable – the perfect recipe for a long cycling adventure. They’ve got room for knee pads and undershorts but they can also just be worn alone.

Running Legwear


koulin trail tights
koulin shorts and 3/4

What are they?

The Koulin range is designed for trail running: medium-length shorts, ¾ length tights and full-length tights. And they all come with pockets!

What are they good for?

They’re all moisture-wicking, breathable and treated with Polygiene™ odour resistant technology. A Koulin for every season – even those awkward in-between ones.


What are they?

Active shorts and tights designed for women. For climbing, hiking and running.

What are they good for?

The Mello have 4-way stretch and are made from a hard-wearing, yet sweat-wicking material ready for warm weather bouldering.


Aiguille skort

The Aiguille's a skort - the best of both worlds. Designed for fastpacking, hiking and trail running. It's a skort designed for movement - with a mesh inner and a split cut outer. Keeps your modesty but keeps you cool.


The Vayper shorts are our range of the teeniest, tiniest, lightest weight shorts for running and racing. Available in 3 and 5 inches for women, and 4 and 6 for men. The beauty of the Vayper shorts is in their simplicity. A small rear pocket with a drawcord and subtle stretch keep the weight down.

Hill Walking Waterproof Essentials

Waterproof mountaineering jacket for high altitudes and Scottish winters
$299.99 $369.99
Waterproof mountaineering jacket for high altitudes and Scottish winters
$299.99 $369.99
The complete waterproof jacket for mountain activities
$259.99 $299.99
Hillwalking waterproof cut for maximum protection and coverage
$209.99 $259.99
Hillwalking waterproof cut for maximum protection and coverage
$209.99 $259.99
Fully recycled and recyclable 3-layer waterproof for all seasons
$159.99 $229.99
Lightweight, fully recycled, 3-layer waterproof jacket
$159.99 $229.99
Durable, lightweight and packable performance for all activities
$129.99 $159.99
Durable, lightweight and packable performance shell for all activities
$129.99 $159.99
Ultralight and breathable waterproof 3-layer protection when moving fast and light
$209.99 $259.99
Ultralight and breathable waterproof 3-layer protection when moving fast and light
$209.99 $259.99
Lightweight, waterproof half-zip with a active cut for fast and light movement
$99.99 $199.99

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